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Bolt brass lug WCJC
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Bolt brass lug WCJC
Code: 8536909000
Brand: OEM/ODM/Neutro
Model: WCJC
Bolted brass lug
Material: Brass
Suface treatment: Nickle plated
Products property: It is fixed by bolts and used in the connections between the electrical equipment with cable and the indoor distribution equipment. They can be reused many times.
WCJC 16-8371621.58
WCJC 25-35-1048222311
WCJC 50-70-1061233011
WCJC 70-95-1266.5273313
WCJC 120-150-1473323615
WCJC 185-240-1691394617
WCJC 300-2010545.55521
WCJC 400-22122506023