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Bolt copper lug
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Bolt copper lug
Code: 8536909000
Brand: OEM/ODM/Neutro
Model: WCJB
Bolted copper lug
Material: E-Cu
Surface treatment: Tin plated
Products property: It is fixed by bolts and used in the connections betweem the electrical equipment with cable and the indoor distribution equipment. It can bereused many times.
WCJB 6-10-6311518.56.5
WCJB 16-25-84618.5248.5
WCJB 25-35-105321.52410.5
WCJB 50-70-106323.53110.5
WCJB 70-95-1269243413
WCJB 120-150-1276304213
WCJB 120-150-1676304217
WCJB 185-240-1685.53448.517
WCJB 185-240-2088.53648.521
WCJB 240-300-208734.550.521