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Product Detail
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Stainless Steel Cable Ties 304,316
Code: 3926901000
Brand: OEM/ODM/Neutro
Model: BZ
Product Description

Stainless Steel Cable Tie, Available in Various Series
Materials: 301, 304 and 316 stainless steel

TypeSpecification( WxL)Maxi bundled diameterThickness of basic tapeSurfacePckage:PCS/bag
BZ-D16 x 20048mm0.4mmBlack100
BZ-D16 x 26067mm0.4mmBlack100
BZ-D16 x 30082mm0.4mmBlack100
BZ-D16 x 35098mm0.4mmBlack100
BZ-D16 x 400110mm0.4mmBlack100
TypeSpecification(WxL)Maxi bundled diameterThickness of basic tapeSurfacePckage:PCS/bag
BZ-T11 x 14035mm0.3mmBlack50
BZ-T11 x 17545mm0.3mmBlack50
BZ-T11 x 20055mm0.3mmBlack50
BZ-T11 x 24066mm0.3mmBlack50

TypeSpecification (WxL)Maxi bundled diameterThickness of basic tapeSurfacePackage: PCS/bag
BZ-C4.6 x 10023mm0.25mmBlack100
BZ-C4.6 x 15038mm0.25mmBlack100
BZ-C4.6 x 20052mm0.25mmBlack100
BZ-C4.6 x 25068mm0.25mmBlack100
BZ-C4.6 x 30082mm0.25mmBlack100
BZ-C4.6 x 360100mm0.25mmBlack100
BZ-C4.6 x 500146mm0.25mmBlack100
BZ-C8 x 15038mm0.25mmBlack100
BZ-C8 x 17548mm0.25mmBlack100
BZ-C8 x 24067mm0.25mmBlack100
BZ-C8 x 30082mm0.25mmBlack100
BZ-C8 x 35098mm0.25mmBlack100
BZ-C8 x 400114mm0.25mmBlack100
TypeSpecification (WxL)MaterialPainted layer materialSurfacePackage: PCS/bag
BZ-O0.4 x 161Cr18Ni9PVCBlack25M/roll 200M/carton
BZ-O0.4 x 121Cr18Ni9PVCBlack25M/roll 200M/carton