FUTES Electric

FUTES's high & low voltage and Transmission &  Distribution (T & D) products have been recommended in Innovating  Electrical Network of Two Types, and FUTES was approved as first-class supplier  by many renowned companies, such as SINOPEC, CNPC, China Water, etc.
                       R & D center founded in Apr, 2002. It  approved as Wenzhou Enterprise Science & Technology  Center in 2004, and as Zhejiang Province Enterprise   Science & Technology Center in 2005.The R & D organization  combines research, design, sample production and trial, which has 60 employees  including 36 senior engineers. The function of center is as follows:
 1) Researching middle and long-term science  & technology blueprint for enterprises.
                        2) Importing & cooperating of technology.
                        3) Achievement transformation &  innovation of technology.
                        4) R & D of new products &  application of new material.
                        5) Researching and popularizing of new  technology & reconstruction of technology.
FUTES has established long-term strategic cooperative relationship  with Shanghai Science Research Graduate School & Xi’an High Voltage Electric Appliances Research   Graduate School.  By Importing technology and cooperative development, FUTES has developed and  manufactured high-quality products that come to international advanced standard  and keep ahead in China.
Keeping in touch with universities, colleges and science research  organizations tightly, applying science research achievement, following the  fact of enterprise development, FUTES has converted existing achievement into productivity  and R & D of products.
FUTES is always using sales networks, market & trade information,collected patent technology and updated product information from overseas to  absorb and analyse, and taking own advantage of innovation & technology to develop and manufacture new FUTES intellective property products.
FUTES's leading products including high & low voltage electric components,  Transmission & Distribution equipments, construction electric appliances  and automation equipments, etc, which have more than 200 series & 2,000  specifications, and widely applied to each field in nation’s industry &  civil construction. In recent years, FUTES has developed & manufactured own  hi-tech CF series products along with increase of science & technology cost  and human resource. Intellectualized electric appliances , meters and etc, the  proportion reaches 3.5% in FUTE’s hi-tech leading products, and new hi-tech  products are under development. Science & technology cost in 2004 proportions  3.3% of sales income.
FUTES’s main low voltage electric components including circuit  breaker, contactor, relay, fuse, starter and switch, annual sales income  reaches 1.51 billion RMB, and China market share is 1.3% or so. Transmission  & Distribution equipments including electric transformer, high voltage  breaker, high voltage isolating load switch and fuse, etc, annual sales income  reaches 0.65 billion RMB, and China market share is 1.07% or so.